Address: 19 – 1 st Avenue N.W. - P.O. Box 356 - McLennan, AB T0H 2L0 - Phone: 780-324-3065
Municipal Updates - Town of McLennan

(Last updated June 11, 2024)

2024 Tax Notices Mailed May 23, 2024

Notice of Preparation 
Combined Assessment and Taxation Notice for 2024
Town of McLennan

Notice is hereby given that the assessment roll of the Town of McLennan, made under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, Chapter M-26.1, has been prepared and will be open to inspection at the Municipal Office in McLennan during business hours.  Any person who desires to object to the entry of his name or that of any other person upon the said roll or the assessed value placed upon any property must, within (60)days from the date of this notice lodge his complaint(s) in writing with the Town of McLennan.

Combined Assessment and Taxation Notice were mailed May 23, 2024.  Pursuant to the Municipal Government Act, all assessed persons are deemed to have received their assessments and tax notices 7 days after it is sent. 

Any person who wishes to appeal their assessment must do so in writing by July 30, 2024 along with the appeal fee of $50.00 to the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board, Town of McLennan.

Dated May 23, 2024
Lorraine Willier
Chief Administrative Officer

Fiber Internet arriving soon in McLennan 2024

Exciting news for residents of McLennan! The long-awaited arrival of fiber internet is finally at hand, with Fiber infrastructure being installed in 2024.

The Town of McLennan strongly urges everyone who owns a home or business to complete the brief Fiber Access Request (FAR) form. This will enable Canadian Fiber Optics to establish a connection to your home without any service obligation.

You can visit to access the form and find additional information.

Stay tuned for more updates as we countdown to the arrival of fiber internet in McLennan!

***Letter from Canadian Fiber Optics Corp can be read below***

Tidy Town Yard/Garden Beautification

Every year the Kimiwan Lake Naturalists along with the town award two town residents with a gift card from a local greenhouse for beautifying their yard/garden.

The criteria used is:

  • creativity and originality
  • overall variety of flowers, shrubs and trees or an arrangement of specific flowers, vegetable and herbs
  • McLennan being the Bird Capital of Canada there should be at least one birdhouse, feeder or bird bath
  • judging will take place during the first two weeks of August

Let’s see how we can beautify our town on yard/garden at a time.