Barking Complaints

How does the Town handle barking Complaints?

Have you taken the time to talk to your neighbor?  Many problems can be resolved before coming to the town to make a complaint.  Neighbors typically want the same thing; a safe and harmonious neighborhood.  If you have spoken to your neighbor and things have not been resolved, the next step may be to submit a complaint

A complaint cannot be made anonymously and must be completed by yourself.  Complaints will remain confidential.  An Officer may contact you to appear as a witness should the matter go to court.   

  • A written complaint must be submitted to the Town office and Bylaw Enforcement Officers will investigate on a case-by-case basis.
  • Specific dates, times and duration of barking are required and should be detailed on the complaint form.
  • A warning and short time period is given to pet owners to resolve the problem.
  • Bylaw Enforcement Officers will discuss options with the pet owners to help prevent further barking complaints.
  • The fine for excessive barking is $100.00.