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Promoting development in McLennan

Relief from paying 100% of the municipal property tax for a period of 36 months is available under this program (100%-66%-33%).   The amount of rebate is based on the difference of the pre-development & post-development tax assessment. The municipal portion of the tax assistance must be approved by the Town Council for the rebate to apply.

The tax incentive program is available to both residential and commercial applicants and applies to new development and improvements to existing buildings.

How the program works.

  1. The very first thing to do is apply for your development permit. Once your permit is approved, this automatically put you into the qualifying portion of the program.

  2. Once the construction or renovations are completed and the development is in compliance with the Town of McLennan’s Land Use Bylaw and any other regulations required; your application is brought to Council for the program qualifying approval.

  3. Once approved by Council, the incentive is applied to the next taxation year. The rebate is calculated on the portion of the increased assessed value associated with a development permit and on the municipal tax levy only.

For more information on the TAX INCENTIVE PROGRAM, please come in to the Town Office and speak with our Development Officer for further details.