Christmas Hamper Program

christmas hamperThe Christmas Hamper program is a FCSS independently offered program from the food bank hamper program.

The Christmas voucher program is designed to help low income individuals and families for the holidays.  The holidays can put stress on families and this program helps to make sure everyone can have a wonderful and magical Christmas with plenty of food on the table and gifts under the tree. 

How can we get involved?

This program is ran annually on the generous donations of friends, families and residents of the Smoky River Region. 

Anyone can a monetary donation at any of the participating businesses in the area.  These businesses will have a receptacle on their counter.  Any donations are directly channeled to the program to purchase vouchers at local grocery stores, so families can purchase their own Christmas dinner and other food supplies.    

Gifts for the children.  Head down to the Red Apple Store in Falher and find out how you can participate in their toy drive fundraiser for the children.

If a person wishes to donate to the Christmas voucher program, they can contact Crystal at the Smoky River FCSS office at 780-837-2220.