Emergency Situations

Download now the Alberta Emergency Alert app on your phone and keep up to date with emergencies.

Town officials will make every effort to keep people informed if they are in an area that is at risk. This may be done through Alberta Emergency Alert, local media, and emergency services personnel.

In emergencies, follow these steps.

  1. Have an emergency kit and plan in place in advance.
  1. Follow the instructions provided by local authorities.
  1. Emergency telephone numbers are to be used only for emergency situations.



Emergency Operators have been trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch and Fire Priority Dispatch. They will ask a series of questions and tell you what to do until help arrives.


In some emergency situations it may become necessary to leave your home or business and move to a safer location.  Vacate your home when advised - ignoring a warning may jeopardize your safety. Your cooperation frees up emergency personnel for other life-threatening duties.

Ensure your vehicle has always at least a half-tank of fuel as fuel stations may be closed during the emergency.


SHELTER IN PLACE – at home, work or school

In case of a hazardous chemical release in our community, you may be instructed to “shelter-in-place.” Take immediate shelter where you are in any building.  Shelter in Place has been shown to be a safe response to a hazardous material release of three hours or less.  It is imperative you stay indoors, especially if you see a cloud, vapor or smoke from the hazardous material outdoors or you can smell it indoors. You will be safer inside. Stay tuned to local television or radio for information.

Act quickly when told to “shelter-in-place.”  Follow the instructions of local authorities.


SHELTER IN PLACE - in a vehicle

  • Drive to a safer area and avoid visible clouds.
  • If you can’t drive out of the "danger area," shut off your vehicle and wait with the radio on. Turn on your hazard lights and use your horn and headlights to attract attention.
  • Close all windows and air vents. Shut off the heater or air conditioner so that it is not blowing air.

Turn on your radio and follow all instructions from emergency services personnel.



Utility companies do their best to maintain services; from time to time there are events that interrupt that service.
ATCO Gas 1-800-511-3447 for emergencies                      

ATCO Electric 24 Hour Service 1-800-668-5506
Town of McLennan Water Outage 780-324-3065