Responsible Pet Ownership


To ensure your pet is as safe as you can make it for them, look to secure your pet’s boundaries.  This can mean tying up your pet, having a kennel area or keeping your pet in a fenced yard. 

When off property and on public property, it is just as important to leash your dog to keep them safe.  Even the best train dog, when provoked or put into an unfamiliar situation can act differently than an owner may expect.

The take aways are:

  • Secure your pet’s property boundaries.
  • Leash your dog on public property.
  • Knowing the Fines for “Dog at large” is $100.00.


Dogs tend to bark when they are bored, lonely and to alert owners’, but excessive barking disturbs neighbors.  To resolve barking issues, some methods that can be implored is training, socializing, exercising and family interaction.  The use of bark collars can be an effective training method.

  • The fine for excessive barking is $100.00


Scoop the Poop, makes you a great community neighbor. This includes the lakeshore! 

Something as simple as taking the time to pickup after your pet when on public property keeps things clean and nothing on yours or someone else shoes.

  • Carry a plastic bag with you and deposit the poop in the garbage. Just as easy as that.