Water Restrictions & Advisories

water restrictionsRestrictions:
Currently there are no restrictions on water usage. 

There are currently no advisories. 

Conservation: Repairing Water Leaks Saves $$$
If you repair leaks and maintain your fixtures, you can help to conserve water in McLennan. We can all make a difference.  Most leaks are easy to
find and to fix, at very little cost.

One leaky toilet can fill 28 bathtubs per month. Each day, leaky toilets in homes waste enormous amounts of our water. Research shows that leaks can make up over 10% of the average water used in a single-family home. The most common culprits are leaking toilets and faucets. In fact, one in four toilets is silently leaking. It could be costing you a hundred dollars a year.

Toilets are notorious for their hidden leaks.  To test your toilet for leaks follow these easy steps:smart water

  • Put Several drops of food coloring into the toilet tank.
  • Wait a few minutes.
  • If the water inside the toilet bowl changes color, you have a leak.

Repair or replace your leaky toilet. Toilet leaks are often due to a flush valve
or flapper valve.   Faucet leaks are another common one.  Leaking faucets are often caused by a worn out washer. 

Other things to check in your home for water leaks are humidifiers, ice makers, hot water heater and water softeners.