Service lines repairs & maintenance

A service line is the pipeline connect between your home and the town’s sanitary main line; this is typically located under the road way. 

sewer linesBlockages

This service line is maintained by the property owner including any part which extends under the roadway or on the public right of way. 

The entire sewer service line from the house to the main sewer line in the street is installed for the sole private use of the property owner.  As a private line, sewer travels from the house to the main line and any blockages or obstructions would be deriving from that property.  All costs of the sewer cleaning of the service line from house to the main sewer line is the responsibility of the property owner regardless of whether the obstruction or blockage is on private property or on Town property.

Faulty Sewer Services

On the homeowner’s property. 
All costs of repairs to sewer service lines on the owner’s property are the responsibility of the owner.

On Town property. 

A property owner who has reason to believe that the portion of the sewer service line on town property is faulty may make a written request to the town to have the sewer line repaired.  If the sewer trouble is determined by the Town to be a broken line, or a poorly laid line with no grade or has roots from trees growing on Town property, the repairs will be made at the Town’s expense.  If the Town subsequently finds that the Town sewer service is satisfactory, the costs will be borne by the property owner.