Tax Installment Payment Plan

The Town of McLennan allows you to pay your property taxes in twelve monthly installment payments instead of a single payment. It allows you to make your month to month budgeting easier.

Your monthly payments for January to June will be based on the previous year's levy divided into 12 equal payments. When current taxes are levied in May, your monthly payments will be revised to reflect any changes in your taxes and your new monthly payment amount will be indicated on your combined property assessment and tax notice.

Anyone who wishes to start paying taxes under the Tax Installment Payment Plan can obtain a form at the town office or complete the form and mail it with a 'void' cheque.

Tax Installment Payment Plan Form >>

Mail your completed form along with a "VOID" cheque to:

Town of McLennan
PO Box 365
McLennan, AB T0H 2L0

Fax your completed form and a copy of your “VOID” cheque to (780)324-2288.

To cancel your enrolment in the Tax Installment Payment Plan or change your banking information please complete a Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Change Request form. These forms can be picked up at the Town office or you can request one by emailing