Address: 19 – 1 st Avenue N.W. - P.O. Box 356 - McLennan, AB T0H 2L0 - Phone: 780-324-3065
TOWN HALL - Town of McLennan

Mayor’s Message

McLennan is a friendly, vibrant community located on the south shore of Kimiwan Lake. While we have many of the amenities of larger communities, McLennan retains many of the characteristics of a small community with rich agricultural and cultural roots. New residents and tourists are equally welcome as they add to the growth and further enhancement of our Town.

We continue to have a strong volunteer base, with many volunteers and volunteer groups willing to serve to improve the quality of life in the Town with activities ranging from organizing social and recreational events, to improving recreational facilities and events, to the very important task of serving on our fire department and making our community a safer place to live.

McLennan’s 100th anniversary was in 2014, and many volunteers worked together to organize events that celebrated our past and demonstrate the pride we have in our community.

Past Mayor
Donald Regier

Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision

Naturally Beautiful,

Opportunities Await.

Our Mission

Promoting synergy

between community,

nature and prosperity.