Water Meters

Detecting a Leak

Did you know that you can also use your water meter to find leaks in your home?

The new meters have many features that the old meters never had.  The new meters have a leak status feature, which can detect if there is a slow water leak or something constantly leaking.

Locate your water meter and shine a light on the solar cell of the meter, and on the top left hand corner of the numbers an intermittent leak you will be indicated by a flashing water tap dripping, if the picture of the tap is on continuously you have a continuous leak, and if there is no picture of a faucet there are no leaks.


How often should you check for leaks?

It is recommended that you check your home for leaks twice a year.

Be aware that time-released toilet bowl cleaners that sit in your tank (rather than flush-released ones) can speed up the deterioration of parts in your toilet and cause leaks. If you use these products, you should check your toilet for leaks more frequently. In the spring, don't forget to check your outside taps for leaks too.


Locate and Read your water meter

The town requires a meter reading when moving into a new residence.

You will require a flash light to read your meter.  Shine a flash light on the solar cell on the water meter, this will enable you to see the reading on your meter.  Please provide the numbers, including the decimal places to the town hall once you have moved in.